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4 Royal Weddings & a Royal Funeral Capital Taxi Tour

Without question this is the best Royal family tour you will ever go on. This family friendly tour will explain the monarchy to you and give you a behind the scenes look at the Royal Family. As the title says we will look at 4 Royal weddings, that of Queen Elizabeth, and the Duke of Edinburgh, Charles and Diana, William and Kate and Harry and Megan. The tour will also look at the life and tragic death of Princess Diana, plus a lot more.Why do we have the changing of the guard? Who lives in which Palace? Where do they shop? Also see what restaurants and clubs are the most popular with the young royal couples.

Our tour will take us all around London, driving past the sites of this majestic city. Marvel at the homes and Palaces that the royals have lived in and those they still do. This tour will keep you fascinated. Find out about the life of Her Majesty the Queen, Charles and Camilla, Diana, William, Kate, Harry and Megan.

Stand outside the Restaurant that Dodi Fayed and Princess Diana would meet and eat in. See where Diana worked before her engagement to Charles.
Visit the Diana Memorial

Follow Kate’s route from her London Hotel to Westminster Abbey on her wedding day. Find out how, where and who made her dress. See where Harry and Megan had their first date. See where both couples now live when in London.

Get Photos (*or opt for the Private Tour see below*) of Kensington Palace, home of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Duke and Duchess of Sussex; stop outside St James' Palace and learn its history,plus see where Princes George and Louis were christened. View the exterior of Clarence House, one time home of the late Queen Mother and now, official residence of the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall. Stand on the steps for a photo of St Mary's Hospital, birthplace of Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. Visit Westminster Abbey, where Kate and William were married, wander St Paul's Cathedral where Charles and Diana were married and find find out why they opted for this church.

This tour will follow in great detail the 4 Royal Weddings and tragic Funeral of Diana (the peoples princes) plus show you a Royal London very few people ever get to see.

There is even time for a coffee break on this tour, and where better than in an establishment that has become a shrine to Princes Diana. This hidden gem only allows us to show you private photographs of Diana.

After Coffee, there is always shopping therapy, so off we go to see the shops Kate prefers, plus see the designer who made her wedding dress. Stop at the health food shops and florists in Kensington frequented by Meghan. Then we move on to take a behind the scenes look at shops that are hundreds of years old and still to this day provide the Royals with merchandise of all descriptions.

If this wasn't enough. What about Royal scandal? Was a relation of the Queen Jack The Ripper? We shall try and find out. Travelling throughout London seeing the sights this royal family story will unveil itself to you. You will see and hear about the loves & lives, of them all.

The Changing of the Guard and the Guard change of the Household Cavalry, how did these ceremonies start? We shall find out. Why does the Queen have 2 birthdays? Where is the Court of St James's? What is the Privy Purse or the Lord Chamberlain, Treasurer or Master of the Household? What is a Royal Warrant?

The pomp and circumstance, the pageantry, have you ever wondered how it all started. We will explain it all. Why does the Queen stop at the entrance to the City of London to be invited in?

We shall answer all these questions and more.
During the tour you will be following in the footsteps of Monarchs over the past 1000 years.

For over one thousand years, Kings and Queens have taken part in Public Ceremonial events, which have served to emphasise the Monarchy and to make them more visible to their subjects. Touching for the Kings evil, the State Opening of Parliament, the Maundy ceremony and the annual procession and service of the Order of the Garter, all these ceremonies devised centuries ago, but you will find out their true meaning and the types of regalia the Monarchy wears for each and every one. What is her correct title? How do you address the Queen. All these questions and more will be answered as we unveil Royal London to you. It’s Statues, buildings, Palaces, memorials, places of execution, burial sites, and shops.

This tour will enthral the whole family from start to finish. See statues of Henry VIII, Alfred the Great, memorials to Diana, Prince Albert, George VI (Kings Speech) and Elizabeth his wife. See where Princess Anne was almost assassinated, the school Camilla attended, the apartment Princess Margaret and Anthony Armstrong Jones would meet in.

Does Prince Phillip really drive a LONDON TAXI? We will find out.


3 Hour London Tour £325.00 per taxi up to 5 people: 6 people £350.00
4 Hour London Tour £399.00 per taxi up to 5 people: 6 people £435.00
5.5 Hour Tour London & Drive through only Windsor £499.00 5 people
5.5 Hour Tour London & Drive through only Windsor £565.00 6 people
All Day 9 hours London, Windsor (walking tour) £650.00 5 people
All Day 9 hours London, Windsor (walking tour) £699.00 6 people

All Day Option: Lunch (own expense) is even Royal on this tour as we shall stop and eat in a building built in the reign of Elizabeth I (1562) and is still standing today.

Capital Taxi Tours, established in 1976, the original London black taxi private tour company. Fully licensed, experienced, and knowledgable tour guides. Enjoy a personalised themed tour of London and the UK from the comfort of an iconic black taxi.

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